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The healing light institute of spirituality
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Healing comes in various forms i.e. self-induced healing, individual healers, faith healing, spiritual healers, and these are practised as - prayer healing, distance healing, auric healing or hands on healing. The differences are:

A) Self - induced healing - this form of healing is applied by any individual upon themselves, the body has natural healing abilities and if one stimulates the brain with positive thought, the bodies immune system increases its output and sustains that for longer periods, and coupled with this, other body systems function at a higher level, so the self healing system functions better.

spiritual healing
spiritual healing
spiritual healing

B) Individual healers - are people who believe that their own power is strong enough to heal other people and do not acknowledge that power comes from another source.

C) Faith healers range from healing by prayer, group healing to hands on healing, these people commonly come from some of the more orthodox religions, there are some spiritualists who refer to themselves this way.

D) Spiritual healers are those who follow that particular faith and practise auric, hands on or distance healing ( sending healing energy ). True spiritualists believe firmly that the power comes from spirit (God), but some have other names for that spirit force.

E) Prayer healing usually applies within a church where prayers are said for the recovery of a specific person, and has become more common in recent years in many denominations.

F) Distant healing is commonly associated with one person or a group of people sending out distance healing to an individual , or a group of individuals. The more that focus their healing energy on a person, the stronger that energy will be.

G) Auric healing is where a healer places their hands three to four inches away from the patients body, usually the head of the shoulders, the common position is to stand behind the individual and focus energy through the hands into the patient stimulating the unblocking of their energy systems. One does not touch the person at any time. The healing time varies with the power of the healer.

H) Hands on healing - this form of healing does touch the patient, and concentrates mainly on the head with the hands varying position. Hands are placed on other parts of the body, but NOT on Breasts or genitalia (see later note). Auric healing is applied on the rare occasions when this may be necessary.

The choice of auric or direct hands on is a matter for the healer, though auric is a safer choice in some countries.

It has to be noted that laying hands on the breast or genitalia areas lays the healer open to litigation for very substantial damages, or arrest for sexual assault. It is a good policy always to use hands on healing in the presence of others.

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