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The Healing Light Institute of Spirituality 2009
The healing light institute of spirituality
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Support Service
The Healing Light Institute of spirituality offer a free and confidential email based support service to any individual regardless of creed, colour or religious affiliation. We offer both emotional support and spiritual support and our volunteer support staff will endeavour to reply to any communication with 24hrs.

We do not offer any kind of medical advice of advice on mental health conditions. Any individuals who engage in antisocial or inappropriate communication will be reported to the relevant authorities.

All communication with our volunteer support staff is completely confidential and no information including email address or content will be passed on to any other parties.

If so, maybe we can help you understand and deal with it. Confidential communication.
Sorry English language only, contact on email: grizzel@globalnet.co.uk

Email us at: support@healinglightinstituteofspirituality.com

Development Support
We also offer for support for any individual or individuals who take part in spiritual development circles. We are only too happy to answer any questions that you have

Email us at: info@healinglightinstituteofspirituality.com

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