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When considering any form of spiritual practice it is not long before we inevitably come across the word “God” or “Gods”.  Since the dawn of time man has attempted to make sense of his world and when man encountered any phenomenon that was not easily explained, a god was usually assigned as a form or association.  For example the sun and the moon being the most obvious, even volcanoes were worshipped and paid tribute to keep their destructive forces at bay.

It could be said that a God or Gods are the embodiment of man's hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares, so it is easy to mould the nature of the God to suit man's needs. Most cultures all over the globe have had associations with some form of divine deity or God.  The Egyptians and the ancient Greeks come to mind first with their hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses.  More primitive but no more less spiritual cultures like the societies and tribes of South and North America also created deities that where often associated with animals and the living world.

god image
god image
god image

As a result of these associations with deities of both the living world and the dead world a variety of rituals were created, which called upon villagers and disciples alike to pay some form of tribute to these gods.  From a simple piece of fruit to ritual sacrifice, many an offering was given to appease the wrath of these gods.  It was only inevitable that the more cunning and manipulative members of these societies used this ‘fear of the Gods’ as a mean to establish control, which was a very potent tool for deception and the abuse of power.

How do you define something that cannot be seen or touched? How can we believe in something that is abstract in its interpretation and concept and how do we know that what is to be believed in even exists?  We are told there is a God but how do we know?  The faithful tell us that God exists because he can be felt and when, in the right frame of mind, he can be seen through the subtle beauties in the world through the power of experience.  But does this really paint a clearer picture of what God actually is; in fact is ‘God’ really called ‘God’ and does this God deserve the definition that we have so kindly provided him with?

The word ‘God’
So is God really a God according to the human definition of the word?  What does our human dictionary say a God should do or be? The Oxford dictionary, which is reputed to be a trusted dictionary, states the following definition: 1. God (in Christian and other religions which believe in only one God) the creator and supreme ruler of the universe. 2 (God) a superhuman being or spirit: a moon god. 3. (God) a greatly admired or influential person. These are meanings that we have associated to the word God but are they correct?  Some words that stand out from the dictionary meanings are very thought provoking, such as creator, ruler, supreme, superhuman, influential and admired.  Perhaps we have defined God with human attributes as we percieve God as being more than human, almost superhuman but did God not make man in his own image according to the bible? Perhaps it was man that created God in his own image.

The image of God
God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost).  Jesus was a man and reported to be the Son of God. The lasting image of this mans final moments have been emblazoned into our psyche as a human man nailed to a crucifix. So if Jesus was the son of God so as a human what does God look like?  Perhaps most people feel comfortable with the Michael Angelo version of a God who sports a thick white beard and dresses in a white toga, not unlike the portrayal of the Roman God Jupiter or the Greek God Zeus.  Even this visual representation of God sitting up on a cloud somewhere is still very human in its association, which suggests the difficulty in clearly defining what is in fact a rather abstract concept.  Perhaps our need for a visual and literal definition helped mankind to solidify the fact that God was in some way real and was present in our living world.

scistine chapel

Does God exist?
There is a question that man has always asked and that is ‘does God exist?’  No one can prove it, yet no one can disprove it although science does seem to be having a good crack at it within the study of quantum theory.  There are those who believe, and this belief is something that is very personal, although it may be due to some form of religious doctrine.  But still this does not prove that God exists.  Perhaps the very idea that, even without any religious intervention, man has naturally looked upwards to the skies and felt that there was something more to life and this something more was a feeling that he was not alone.

What is God?
What is God, that is if God exists? This is the million-dollar question second to “does God actually exist?” So if God does exist what is it? To help us understand the idea of what God is or what God is made off there is one fact that is a universal truth.  There is only one thing that truly exists, and that is energy, energy in various forms from the solid, gaseous, visible to the invisible. The entire universe that we know of is one giant myriad of energy in its various states.  This energy is the life force of the universe and it is this life force that created humanity and the planet we inhabit.  It is this universal life force that we have tried to define and so by definition we have provided this life force with a name which was God, the one true God in the Christian sense.  This God was the creator of the universe and is by no means a toga wearing Caucasian male sporting a thick white beard, who sits on a cloud firing thunderbolts at those individuals who choose to defy his will. That is the fantasy based and unrealistic God of fear and one which sadly most people associate with.

God the creator
From the soul within our body to the planet that we live on God created it all.  Not in seven days as is suggested in the bible but over billions of years.  Through the manipulation of the universal energies and with the right conditions life can take hold.  It should be stresses that the right conditions are needed for any growth to occur, just like the right seed can only grow into a plant with the right conditions.  And this is one aspect of our human experience that we take for granted, the value of our life.  This wonderful thing that we have, that took billions of years to create, is not fully appreciated.  The knowledge of what we are and what we are capable of has yet still to be realised, although there are some people who have started to understand the value of their life experience and these are the ordinary individuals who live to continue the cycle of spiritual evolution and actively engage in their own creative process and one that is based on love and peace.

God is love
“God is love” perhaps this is a statement that you have come across perhaps it is something new. It does seem like a rather ambiguous statement if not altogether vague.  But this simple statement and coupled with learning to understanding it brings us closer to achieving balance and harmony with the life force that created us.  “God is love” god is that energy that we associate with the feeling of love.  It is the opposite of fear, it is joy, it is strength, it is capable and it is peace.  It is everything that we know to be contented and fulfilled.  But as each human being is unique so is their experience of God and so understanding “God is love” is an experience that is defined through the process of living.

Rather than spending the rest of our days worshipping a God that is poorly defined perhaps we are now being asked to look deeper to shake off this out of date image and to define a new realistic view of God. Perhaps a shift in attitude is required for us to have a deeper understanding of our life experience.  Perhaps by having appreciation and gratitude for our own life experience will help us to feel more fulfilled and establish a deeper connection to the universal life force that we have called God.

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