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What is the human soul?  Where is it within our human body, can I see it, touch it, can I sense it or even communicate with it?  There are many questions about the human soul, is it reality of myth or just another word that artists and scholars alike have used to describe concepts of life experience that touch them so deeply that physically sensory association cannot even come close to communicate.

It truth the soul is not that mysterious and is defiantly a reality but what is required to learn more about the soul and its function is simply to have an open mind. The text in this page will attempt to explain some concepts of the soul with truth and clarity.

soul image
soul image
soul image
Artists impressions of the human soul containing the 4 soul essences or love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding. Man is also connected to the universe through the power of his soul and this energy is the life force within man

Is that really me?
The soul could be best described as a ball of orange glowing light that is about the size of a human fist.  Within the soul contains the four soul essences of love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding.  It is by growing these soul essences throughout our human existence that we achieve a greater sense of understanding about our soul and the universe which we live in.

The soul is a creation of God and a part of that universal energy. It is not separate and cannot be separated. The energy of the soul is the sum total of our lives and its presence has a deep and meaningful impact in our life in the physical realm.  Although each and every soul is considered a part of the dynamic whole of the universe each soul is unique in terms of how much it has developed and so in essence no two souls are exactly alike.

God created my soul?
God creates every soul and the purpose is like any creative process in that the souls creative journey is to experience and grow.  The soul is our life force and this is not a concept that is solely unique to western philosophy, every culture in the know world has a word that describes the harmonizing principle of universal energy that animates all existence, for example in ancient Rome is was called Aura, in India it is called Prana, in Japan it is called Reiki or Ki.

The creative soul
Within the soul there are the four spiritual essences of love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding, they can be best described as four small balls of light contained within the soul itself.  The creative process of growing the soul is to be found in each of the soul essences. The creative process is found in our daily lives through the arts of thinking and emotional development.  I use the word ‘arts’ because the capacity to think and to engage in emotional development is a skill that can be learned and used to enhance our lives.  It is throughout the process of growth that we are in communication with our soul.

My soul is talking to me!
The soul does have the capacity to communicate with our conscious mind and it does this through the subconscious and higher mind.  It also communicates through feelings and emotions, acting as a moral barometer, which we commonly call our conscious.  This is our sense of right and wrong and it is our soul that helps us to develop this sense.  We hear of intuition or gut instinct, or having a funny feeling about something.  This is our soul communicating through the subtle energies that exist within our body.  This is why it can be difficult to truly grasp the concept of our soul communicating because we tend to see life from a very physical perspective and so to readily dismiss the more subtle dynamics that exist within us.

Shut up and listen
Listening or paying attention to the subtle communication within the soul takes time to develop and like any skill need practice and discipline.  We are at the mercy of a relationship that exists and that comes in the form of our brain, being the right and the left hemispheres. The left hemisphere of our brain perceives life from a more logical perspective and is more linear and analytical where our right hemisphere perceives life from a more pictorial and intuitive direction.  And the two make up the whole so it is a question of balance and harmony between the two just like the balance between man and his soul.

So logic versus intuition creates confusion!  The logical side in us is all to ready to dismiss any intuitive feeling as being silly or unbelievable.  It is by nurturing our intuitive side that we can begin to perceive the communication with our soul.  The best way to develop this skill is to learn the art of meditation, meditation literally meaning to ‘pay attention’. Meditation involves developing the skill of bringing stillness to the mind so that we can develop a clearer channel to communicate with our soul.

What’s it got to do with me?
The growth of the soul is not something that is mandatory but is necessary if we are to continue to grow and develop within the universal creative process.  Personal development is important to some people and not important to others but regardless of our thoughts and ideas about who we are, the soul does not have that choice, it only wishes to grow.  It is important to stress that the soul cannot tell us what to, it only acts as a guide to help us lead a life that enable the soul to grow its four essences, thus developing a greater sense of harmony with the universe.

This is just a one off
Many people believe that life is a one shot deal and some believe that there is something more and life goes on.  Life does go on because our soul cannot die, it is immortal, in a human sense, and its purpose is to grow.  This is where we touch on the concept of reincarnation.  We reincarnate as the soul in a new human body not as the person we think we are although some aspects of personal energies are retained by the soul.  And so the cycle of physical life, death and spiritual rebirth is a constant in the universe which takes the soul on its journey experiencing life in new forms with new understanding and new visions of that teach us the meaning of what we are.

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