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The Healing Light Institute of Spirituality 2009
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The Healing Light Institute of Spirituality is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of spiritual development and person well-being. We also promote spiritual understanding through participation in spiritual development circles and from the spiritual teaching in the channeled book ‘The Light in Your Life is Spirit’, which is FREE to download in PDF format. We also offer a volunteer based email support service for anyone interested spirituality and personal development regardless of race, creed colour or religion.

The journey towards developing our well-being and personal healing can begin by simply having and open mind. It is from this principle that we have created this website which can be a used as a useful resource of information and inspiration to anyone with an alternative perception of spirituality seeking change in their lives.


The healing light institute of spirituality
The light in your life is spirit
Spiritual development circles

Download the FREE channelled book “The Light in Your Life is Spirit by George A Thomson. Available in PDF format.


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Join our FREE discussion forum. Talk about your spiritual interests with other like minded individuals.


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Start your own spiritual development circle. FREE downloads from circle format instruction to guided meditations and more.


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The site will be updated regularly with new content including information covering a wide range of topics. Yahoo group subscribers will also receive regular email updates about new site content More...

Each month we will feature inspirational writings and poems from individuals discussing a variety of topics and themes on spirituality to encourage thought provoking debate. More...

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