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How to meditate - Previous Page
Now that we have looked at some of the various applications of meditation and what meditation is we will now look at how to meditate.

For many people who have never meditated before some of their first concerns are usually are ones that are related to stress and fear.  Questions start to filter into the mind.

image of clouds

There are many more questions that can cloud the mind so it is a good idea to firstly let the mind and the body relax together and come back into balance.  We may also have to take into consideration that we had a particularly hard day at work or at home and find our minds racing with too may thoughts.  So to begin with as a prelude to the meditation it is a good idea to start with a simple and effective relaxation technique.  It is important not to force your self to relax, just let it happen.

The setting
The first place to start is to set the mood and ensure that you will not be disturbed for about 15-30 mins max.  To help with the ambience you may find it more comfortable to slightly darken the room and light some candles.  You may wish to use some essential oils in a burner or light some incense.

Some people prefer sitting in a chair, and some people find it more comfortable to adopt a more traditional posture using a stool or a cushion.  What matters the most is that you are comfortable.  It may be worthwhile to avoid lying down to meditate; although this may seem more comfortable there is the possibility that you might fall asleep, which is not meditating.

If you are sitting in a chair it is a good idea to keep your spine straight, and airways open.  Slouching in a chair can cause you to become uncomfortable and again you may begin to fall asleep.

You can also place your hands in a variety of positions, which ever you choose ensure that you feel comfortable.

Breathing (Focus)
By focusing on your breathing you will naturally allow your mind to begin calming down, breathing also acts as a natural point of focus to draw the attention away from your thought, thus helping your mind to calm down.  And controlling your breathing will allow your body to find its natural physical state of rest.  Just allow yourself to breath naturally.  Soon enough your body will also begin to relax as the mind relaxes.  Just continue to breathe and relax, breathe and relax.

Not only does meditation calm the mind down, it also help us to become more alert, strange, as it may seem.  What is actually happening during meditation in our brain is that the blood flow has increased.  So in a state of relaxation we are actually more alert, which makes you less reactive to stressful events.

The meditation
There are a number of different meditation styles, some are silent meditations, and some are moving meditations like Tai Chi And Chi Qong, while some are guided meditations.  The meditation that we are going to do today will be a guided meditation with some background music to set the mood.

Meditation is a natural, healthy way to allow the mind and the body to heal itself and to restore balance.  It is simple and easy to integrate into our daily lives, we do not have to over complicate the act of meditation with ritual or pomp, simple take some time out of your day to enjoy a moments silence that will help us get back in touch with ourselves and hopefully to help us reconnect with life in a way that we never thought possible.

What you may experience

Tingling throughout the body
A sensation of warmth in the hands
You may see colours or images
Feelings of joy and happiness
Feelings of relaxation and peace

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