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The healing light institute of spirituality
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Know thy self
We are all on our own unique journey in life; this is a journey of experience and self-discovery, challenge and fulfilment.  For some people this journey is fulfilling and rewarding whilst some struggle with what is to be considered day-to-day life.

Never the less, the life we lead is something that is very precious and should be regarded with care and never taken for granted.  Some people see life as a one shot deal whilst others regard their life as a service to humanity or god.  The truth is that life is not a one shot deal and is a continuous cycle of growth and development for each individual but one, which we seldom realise.

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Every personal journey begins at the heart of our life experience which is getting to truly know what and who we are.  We are not just a pile of flesh and bone, we are thought, we are emotion, we are spirit and we are creation, we are mind, body and spirit.  We were made in Gods true image, which is of the creator and the universe because within man we hold the spirit of creation with us through the power of the human soul.

Our mind
Our mind is the ultimate key to our happiness as well as being the root of all our struggles.  We therefore require time to learn how to use our mind.  It is not just a large storage area for memories, within the mind lies the root of our emotions, our behaviour patterns, our sense of right and wrong, our dreams and aspirations.

It is also the place where fear exists and here we can find our nightmares, our anxieties, our stress our paranoia, our anger and hate.  And this is the reality of the contrast that exists within the human mind and the variety of both light and dark.

But little do we realise the power that is resting on top of our shoulders.  The brain and the human mind is a powerful tool for creation and like any tool requires skill to use.  To have a brain is not a pre-requisite to having a happy and fulfilled life. We are not born with the know how to use our brain; we have to learn how to use it.

The long and the thought of it
Understanding, reason, logic, thought and deduction.  Tools that we have at our disposal to make sense of the world we live in as well as the world within through the five senses.

The world is full of wonder and is truly a fascinating place but for many people the world can become a place of fear and anger.  This is where we can use our mind to reshape the way we think, the attitudes we have as well as the perceptions that have formed through life’s tragedies.  When we live in darkness we will always have the choice to lift ourselves out of it.  With the right support and attitude we can overcome any obstacle.  We have all heard the saying mind over matter?  This is true that our mind and how we use it can manifest our wildest dreams or our worst nightmares.  There is another saying that illustrates this point, “self fulfilling prophecy”.  We all have the power to empower our lives and to mould it to what ever we see fit.

And here lies the irony; God gives man the greatest gift he can provide and hides it in the place where man looks the least, within himself.  It is here that this gift from God has the power to change our lives.

The choice will always be ours
God have man the gift of freewill and in doing so separated man from the animal kingdom.  We all have the ability to make choices and it is our greatest gift.  But we seldom realise this gift and even take it for granted, because again we are unaware of the power that a simple choice can create.  We tend to walk the path of least resistance and to take little time to think about what we are actually doing with our life choices.  It is all too easy to fall into this trap as we live in a world that does not encourage freethinking.  Ask yourself these simple questions, “are you in touch with who you are?”  Are you aware of the choices that we make and do you take responsibility for your actions?

Healing of the heart and soul
Sometimes life is not easy and some times we can struggle, some people can turn to addiction in its various forms to block out or ignore the pain that they feel.  Ignorance and the path of illusion can become very tempting alternatives to personal pain.  But despite the distractions that we may choose to fill our minds with, we seldom realise the damage we are doing to ourselves “The road to hell being paved with good intentions.”

Human beings have a self-protection mechanism that relates to our instinct of survival and self-preservation. This self-preservation system is very good at what it does and does not like to give up the power that it gains when we live in fear.  This can result in a lifetime of fear and paranoia based behaviour that leads to an unfulfilled life.

When we live in fear we are at our most unhappy and our most vulnerable.  But we do not have to remain in with this condition, there is always hope, things can always change and we can learn to live a happier life.

The path of love and hope
The true path to healing is a very powerful process and is one that is very misunderstood in terms of our personal relationship with the healing process.  It would be ideal if there was a "one size fits all" solution to human problems but unfortunately there is not.  There is however one thing that can be of tremendous benefit to any healing process and that is the development of one spiritual belief.

Belief in God might sound a bit far fetched in today’s sceptical society but it is something that the areas of science are seriously taking into consideration with regards to physical and emotional healing.

To understand the development of healing that takes place when we have a belief in God we need to understand ones sense of being.  When any individual who develops a true belief in God will understand that both the individual and God are not separate and exist in union and that union is based on love. Having love for ones self and gratitude for one life can be very powerful to any individual providing a sense of purpose and direction for their life.

The union of love strengthened through the power of belief and faith, but more importantly there is the strength of our attitude.  Having a positive attitude does have the power to see us through the ups and downs that we might face in life. And it is this positive attitude that acknowledges ones existence and personal power that has seen people successfully recover from all kinds of physical and emotional problems.  We do not have to look far to hear about stories of great courage and survival.

Even the most hardened individual has looked to the skies and put their hand together and asked God for help during times of need.  And this is where having hope can also be a valuable, having hope is to have the faith that change is possible.

Life is never easy and is a constant flow of problems that will require solutions.  Earth the home to our existence and the opportunity for us to learn from one another and ourselves.  There is a staying, “together we stand – divided we fall”. This is why it is important to keep in mind that we are all in a state of experience, some will do better than other and this is why we should always extend love support and gratitude to each and every human being for having the courage to live this life. So at least once we should ask “Am I my brothers keeper?”

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