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The healing light institute of spirituality
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Before one can begin to understand prayer and its value, one must first understand the basic relationship between God and man.

When God created man through evolution, he did so on the understanding that to make man different and higher than the other beasts, he would have to give man a brain, that would grow in intelligence. To do that he would have to give man the ability to change his conditioned life pattern, and to learn from it. The answer was to give man freewill, and by doing so he gave up control of mans destiny and behaviour.

Mans freewill means that God cannot command man in any endeavour and does not want to. All he offers is unconditional love, and help and strength to those who ask.

image of praying hands
image of praying hands
image of praying hands
Therefore to understand prayer one must understand that God is interested only in the growth of your soul and its four essences of LOVE, COMPASSION, SENSITIVITY, and UNDERSTANDING. It follows then that the help given will be concerned with these essences.

The mistake made by those who ask, is to expect God to get them out of a situation created by that person, by directly removing that problem. For instance, there is no use running up large debts then asking for money to clear them, then getting angry at God for failing you. If you had received the money, you would just go on repeating the same mistake and learn nothing. But is he directed help to you to sort out the problem, then you might change for the better. God always answers all prayers for help, but seldom in the way you expect. You can be sure however that the only criteria used is love for you. Praying to spirit ( God ) is always worthwhile since healing energy is always returned and this always strengthens and lifts your moods.

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