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To define spiritual evolution in its simplest form it can be best described as the growth of the human soul, its relationship with its creator God, coupled with the growth of our awareness and our emotional growth.  So how do we begin to evolve spiritually, does it happen on its own or is there something that has to be done to facilitate this process?

As each human being is unique their spiritual development will also be unique, some will find a natural affinity towards some form of personal grow or belief in God where some others may be devoted disciples of some religion.  But if there is to be a starting point perhaps the first thing to consider is our awareness.

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Are we really aware, do we perceive the world with truth, love and honesty or do we live a life of illusion and delusion, living by the “look after number one” motto?  It is important to ask these simple questions to begin to process of consideration and thought towards examining the choices we make in our lives.  Thinking and the application of reason and logic are important factors in the growth of our awareness because it is by using our brain that we can being define in a clearer manner what is right for us and what is wrong.  Equally our awareness opens the door to our soul and our conscious, which is our inbuilt moral barometer that helps to keep us on the right track, so to speak.  Awareness is not only a mode of self-monitoring of our actions and thoughts; our awareness also includes our emotions.  Emotional awareness draws upon our capacity to be sensitive and compassionate, being aware and feeling the needs of other, for example.  Awareness is a subject that is not black and white and to be honest touches on many areas but for the sake of awareness in the context of spiritual evolution it can be described as paying attention with our whole being, mind body and spirit.

Growth, evolution, awareness, what’s the point of all this?  Who is it that ultimately benefits from all this, what is it that actually grows?  When we ask questions like these, in a round about way we are indirectly asking if there is any meaning to life, a question that many a philosopher and theologian has attempted to answer.  There success or failure in adequately finding the answer is not the real point, the point is their awareness took them on a journey, and to have the courage to ask this simple yet highly controversial question what is the meaning of life? (Meaning of life writing)

And following in such bold foot steps we will endeavor to do so as well, although this interpretation relates to the subject of spiritual evolution and the growth of the human soul.  Our interpretation is also intended to be simple enough to understand without the use off too much confusing jargon.

Like every aspect of the universe change and evolution is an integral part of the cycle of life and human evolution is no exception.  Science has discovered that we have evolved physically from a species similar to primates, which was due to a variety of different factors.  Over all it is the shifting of energy that adapts and harmonizes with its environment to ensure survival, the simple universal constant of adapt or die. So if physical energy can change and evolve over time, what about our spiritual energy, the energy that is our soul? Can it change, how does it change, will it change?

The answer is yes, our soul does evolve whether we are aware of this or not.  Its growth is based on the development of the four emotional essences that reside within the soul, love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding. Through our life experience our emotions develop for better of for worse.  It is through our growing awareness that we can begin to make the choices that actively assist with the growth of our emotional essences.

Belief and faith
Another important aspect of our evolution is the awareness of our true being, our role within the universe and of course our relationship with God.  These concepts takes a measure of belief and faith to get to grips with but these are the ideas that the various religions of the world have, in their own way, tried to explain to their followers.  It is not always easy to comprehend the idea that we are all individual part of this vast thing we call the universe and that we have the ability to be in harmony with this universe and that we can ultimately communicate with it.

It is sad to say that having a belief in God one is naturally looked upon with skepticism in modern times.  Rather ironically it is in fact science that is starting to explain the basis and functionality of our nature without the need for abstract and vague concepts that confuse rather than enlighten.  It is through our need to understand the nature of our own lives that science has made explaining the meaning of our lives just a little bit more palatable, offering any open minded individual a more realistic and less doom laden explanation of what this thing called life is all about.

Perhaps it will not be long before science discovers the origin of the universe and ultimately acknowledges the existence of what we call God.

Perception and the truth
How we perceive life and what we believe to be true is very unique to each and every human being so it is no wonder why we encounter conflict throughout life.  What is one mans truth is another mans lie.

If we take a moment to examine our attitudes, morals and values we inevitable discover that they have evolved due to our upbringing and the imprinting of value systems that have come from our parents and social culture, so what we think is our truth might be the truth of someone else.

Thinking and questioning these values and attitudes is a vital part of our spiritual evolution.  This is not to say that they many be wrong, but attitudes and values can change so and it is this change that could lead to us discovering more about who we are as individuals and becoming a complete individual that is quietly confident and capable.  And it is through developing a more spiritual attitude to life that leads us ultimately towards the path of peace and enlightenment.

Reincarnation is a subject that has fascinated people from all walks of life.  It can arouse a great deal of passion during discussions as the debate inevitably attempts to establish if the concept of “coming back” is in fact real.

Perhaps what might be missed out in the debate of “do we reincarnate” is the simple but equally evocative question, if we do come back “what purpose does it serve” in essence we must ask, why?

The answer to this question is that we do reincarnate, all of us, including animals.  Why?  Because the soul that lies within our body is immortal and it cannot die, it is a form of pure energy that is on a journey of growth and development in its universal home.  The purpose of reincarnation does not involve coming back as a panda or any other animal, over and over again contrary to some popular belief.  The more logical and down to earth reason it that our soul returns because it’s a part of the learning process and here on earth experiencing emotions and developing positive emotions like love is vitally important to the souls development.

Again we will find that it is the development and growth of the four soul essences that lies at the heart of our life experience and it is the soul that is found at the core of our spiritual evolution.

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