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The Healing Light Institute of Spirituality 2009
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The healing light institute of spirituality
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Dear Reader, during early October 1995 I started to talk directly to spirit, and much to my surprise, I was requested to write down what was said (channelled) to me.  At this point the more generalised conversations took a new direction in that I started to receive a series of writings which covered human nature, mans early beginnings, mans failings, straight articles on spirit (God). I never knew what was coming next.
Over two years I received some one hundred and ninety six written texts, as well as several hundred concerning personal matters for my family and friends. The writings included here came with two clear instructions a) all must be dated. and b)  all must be signed with my Christian name. The latter I had some difficulty with, but after some argument, I accepted spirits instruction.  I have, however removed it from those contained within this book. Two writings are present which are treated differently at spirits request. It is up to the reader to decide why.

The writings are in four sections as chosen by spirit and each writing stands alone, irrespective of size, though all writings are related to man and God, and each one has seven different levels of understanding. This is not a narrative or novel, but a series of writings, which in their entirety are the sum total of man and his maker.

This book is dedicated to all those victims who have suffered hell on earth without understanding why their life has been one of misery and mental illness, which never gets better. You are living proof of the damage done by cruel, inadequate and heartless people who, through their behaviour, consigned your lives to heartbreak and waste. Within this book I hope you can find some understanding of what has happened to you and with hard work and courage you may find a new horizon and a life of sunshine beyond. It is possible, for others have walked this path and won.  God bless you all.

George A thomson

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