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The Light in your life is Spirit Instructions for use

1. Normal Book use
This book is not a conventional book in that you open it and start at the first chapter and read your way through. The book in fact, is designed in such a way to help you develop your spiritual understanding, you character and its dimensions. Finally, the negative of character, which affect your progress in life.

The main function of the book is as the centrepiece of development circles. To that extent it is necessary not only to read, but also to write an informed opinion on what you read.

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The normal practice is to take one writing at a time, dissect it, understand it then write about it. Then to discuss your writing in an open forum to help understand its full significance. It is the first part of each circle development evening. The individual writing of your own interpretation is part of the main generalised understanding of the group.

2. Problem solving using the book
The book is designed using a spiral binder, which allows the book to be opened at any point, thus allowing it to lie flat for easy reading and manipulation. When one has an intractable problem in one’s thoughts and are unable to solve the problem, them one focuses on the problem for a few moments. The leaning forward, flick open the book according to your instinct. Having opened the book, accept the message in your head, basically left or right. Whatever word comes first.  If you then read the appropriate page, you will find out that this writing has the answer to your intractable problem. In some instances, individuals may feel if preferable to double-check their results by using a pendulum across the chosen writing. This should be completely unnecessary but it does give some people extra confidence to accept the result until such times as they have a track record of success using this method.

3. Character detection
Again, the book is laid flat on the table and before opening it; you concentrate on the character problem. For instance, if you are looking at being very stubborn and not understanding why, a common problem in many people, you would then reflect on stubbornness for a few moments, clearing your mind of everything else. The reaching forward, open the book, again using the first thought that comes into your head about right and left. Having read the page, it will then indicate a negative aspect of character within you. Having discovered the negative, you then open the book at the chameleon section and to save time, holding your pendulum firmly above the book you simply turn over the pages of this section until the pendulum indicates “yes”. Having read and understood the writing continue to use the pendulum and proceed through the rest of the Chameleon section on the same basis to find out any other particular chameleon traits and you continue until you complete the section. You are then left with one or more traits, which are causing stubbornness. These traits must be understood and challenged to achieve a breakthrough.

Though the above has all been on a personal context, it can be equally used for other people, providing of course that you concentrate on that person before moving on any other stage. Be wary however of allowing your own emotions to interfere to come extent with the choices due to you having high feelings for that individual, for better or worse.

4. General function of the book
This book is designed to improve your comprehension of love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding. The book is broken down into 4 sections: spiritual growth, character understanding, The Chameleon (negative you) and lastly a small section on the mind of a paedophile.

The spiritual understanding gives you a simplified description of spiritual thought and aspirations. It always refers to the human state of mankind and character.

The character section consists of aspects of human character for better or worse, all of which have to be understood and brought into proper balance. No aspect of character stands alone.  Each intertwined in various proportions of everyday living. The dark side of human character is in itself a separate entity in that it is the negative person called the…

The Chameleon. This section of this book refers to all aspects of negativity within the human character, which are detrimental to normal growth or happiness. The reason that most negative aspects of character exist as such a strong force is due mainly to the early beginnings from childhood up through the teenage years that can have a dramatic and marked effect in that individual’s life for all its years.

Paedophile section. This section is not one, which most people would prefer to have in a book of any sort. However, the few writings present in this section have been chosen to help people, particularly mothers to help them understand the vast difference of perception between normal people and their mindset, as opposed to the paedophile whose mind functions on a difference level. For simplicity’s sake, we shall simply say that this group of minds have serious aberrations.  No apology is made for including this section in the book since these are the most destructive people in existence on the plant and are a danger to children.  All parents must be fully aware of how they think because there is seldom any physical indication of their attitudes or desires.

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