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Whats New

Welcome to our new website. This site differs from our previous site on may levels as it includes a variety of features to bring like minded individuals together these include our myspace page, our facebook page and we have also created a yahoo group.  Along with the addition of our social networking pages we have also created a discussion forum and we have a blogger page.

What’s new
The what’s new page will feature all of the new content that we will be updating the website with, as well as providing information on future content. We are also planning on updating the website once a month which will include free guided meditations and new featured writings on a variety of topics.

The blog
We have created a blog so that we will be able to feature different writings on a variety of topics that visitors to the site can comment on. The blogger site also provides an archive facility which is ideal for any visitors wishing to review or comment on any previous posts. We would also welcome writings from visitors to feature on the blog.  The idea is to stimulate debate on different topics and to encourage free thinking and debate.

PDF pages
Each page can be downloaded as a PDF, apart from a few which are mainly for site navigation. The idea behind creating PDFs of each page is to allow any visitor, who is interested, to print out the PDF and read it at their leisure. Each page that can be dowloaded as a PDF has this icon.

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Spiritual development circles
We have provided a complete booklet that can be downloaded as a PDF for any individuals who are interested in starting a spiritual development circle.  We have also provided a variety of PDF booklets on spirituality that can be downloaded for free from the publications page.

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